ACA Responds to release of CA Reviews

30 October, 2018

The Executive of the ACA met last night to discuss the Longstaff and McCosker Reviews and Cricket Australia’s response to them.

Last night, the ACA made the following resolutions.


On behalf of Australia’s past and present, male and female professional cricketers the Australian Cricketers’ Association:

  1. Commends Cricket Australia for commissioning the Longstaff and McCosker Reviews;
  2. Thanks, and commends Dr Simon Longstaff and Rick McCosker and their respective committees for their important contributions to Australian Cricket;
  3. Endorses the recommendations of the Longstaff Review ‘in principle’ and supports the Player Pact arising from considerations of the McCosker sub-committee;
  4. Looks forward to a briefing by Dr Longstaff in relation to his review – including understanding the reasons and context behind CA’s numerous redactions.
  5. Considers the Longstaff Review creates important opportunities for Cricket Australia to improve its engagement and accountability to the cricket and general community.
  6. Considers that the ACA’s own recommendations to enhance the engagement and accountability of Cricket Australia have largely been accepted;
  7. Publicly releases the recommendations from the ACA submission to the Longstaff Review.
  8. Calls upon Cricket Australia to outline a detailed plan for the urgent implementation of all of the accepted recommendations.
  9. Commits the ACA to assist CA and the States to implementation in good spirit and with good will;
  10. Observes that many of CA’s behaviours which the ACA has confronted for a long time, have also been experienced by others both inside and outside of CA.This shows the ACA's experience has not been an isolated one. That these negative behaviours have been ‘named’ and processes for correction have been recommended by Dr Longstaff is also welcome;
  11. That the ACA will continue to seek out a good working relationship with CA and the States, as part of our longstanding partnership. As we have previously, we again welcome the chance to participate in mediation with CA;
  12. Notes that the ACA submission to the Longstaff Review, which argued the events in South Africa were, in part, a by - product of a culture and system which placed too much pressure on players to win, has been affirmed by the Longstaff Report;
  13. And finally, given there is now independent verification that CA’s system and culture were contributing factors, the ACA Executive calls for the lifting of the Board imposed penalties on Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft.

The ACA notes that the Board of CA has both the power and the moral obligation to do so.

Player Sanctions

On the player sanctions to Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, Greg Dyer, President of the ACA, said:

"I also make some further comments on the harshness of penalties handed down to Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft," Dyer said.

"What the Longstaff Review reveals is that Cricket Australia itself must also take a share of responsibility for what happened in South Africa.

"Yes, this moment of madness was ‘individual’ but now there is evidence and independent verification of system failure as well.

"This is hugely significant.

"With this new information common sense, common decency, basic fairness, proportionality and natural justice demand that the punishment is reduced.

"The players have already lost time in the game, chances to play for Australia, endured public humiliation and faced massive financial penalties.

"My message to Cricket Australia is a simple one:These contrite men have been punished enough. Let these contrite men play.

"I add that the ACA will be relentless in pursuing this end.

"Finally, I also offer a message to the Australian public on behalf of the ACA. In short, Australia’s cricket players ‘get it.’

"We assure you. The players ‘get it.’ The players understand," Dyer concluded.

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