Premier Cricket Program FAQ

All the information behind the ACA's Premier Cricket Program

What are the programs objectives?

  • Provide a platform for ACA members to remain in Premier Cricket through playing, coaching and talent identification roles;
  • Narrow the gap between Premier Cricket and high performance/ domestic cricket;
  • Create additional opportunities for clubs to support and enhance existing budgets and structures;
  • Grow a sustainable program that ensures Premier Cricket remains the lifeblood of Australian Cricket;
  • Retain first-class cricketers in Premier Cricket;
  • Provide a higher level of Premier Cricket competition;
  • Identify, instruct and inspire the next generation of Australian elite cricketers; and
  • To balance Premier Club objectives with the development of emerging talent.

What Clubs are eligible for funding under the Premier Cricket Program?

This program is designed to narrow the gap between Premier Cricket and high performance/domestic cricket. On this basis funding is available to any Premier Cricket Clubs who have 1st XI teams competing for the entire season in the top Premier competition in the state. These are the clubs that provide a direct pathway or ‘home club’ for current and aspiring professional cricketers.

How much funding can my club access?

Based off a number of criteria, fully integrated clubs with male and female teams playing in the 1st XI competition will be eligible to receive up to $13,000 in 2021-22. Clubs with Male teams only will be able to access up to $6,500 and clubs with Female teams only, with the top team playing in the 1st XI competition, will now also be able to access up to $6,500.

No individual ACA Member will be able to access more than $7,500 in program funding. The ACA will continue to apply discretion around funding structures for developing clubs and competitions across the country.

Who is eligible to fill a club role?

Male & female uncontracted ACA members (an ACA member is any male or female cricketer who has held an International, State, BBL/WBBL, Rookie or Match Contract). These may include:

  • Recently delisted players who still have playing aspirations;
  • Past players (who are current or eligible ACA Members) with a desire to identify, instruct and inspire players within the Australian Cricket Pathway
  • Players who still have BBL/WBBL contracts are still considered contracted players and therefore ineligible for the program.

What are the potential roles?

Roles within this program could include any of the following positions:

  • Head Coach or Player/Coach
  • Director of Cricket / High Performance Manager
  • Senior Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Coach / lower XI Player
  • Junior Talent Coach / Player/Mentor
  • First Grade Player

What sort of tasks are involved?

Those appointed would undertake a range of tasks and it is anticipated these would include:

  • Assisting in the identification and recruitment of talented players;
  • The mentoring of players and coaches – utilising high performance language, messages and game styles/plans;
  • Promoting National/State coaching and selection philosophies to club leaders and players;
  • Providing intelligence from Premier Cricket competitions to State Talent Managers/ Selectors;
  • Acting as a conduit to share information and expectations to coaches, selectors and players at club level;
  • Reviewing and assessing potential contracted players for underage and senior state squads; and
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in Premier Cricket.

Who are the key stakeholders?

  • Australian Cricketers' Association (the Program is managed by the ACA)
  • It is supported by Cricket Australia, and the States and Territories
  • Premier Cricket Clubs
  • State Talent Managers

How is the program funded?

Funding comes as a result of Cricket Australia advising the ACA that the Player Payment Pool (PPP) was estimated to increase by $43million compared to original estimates for the 2012-17 MOU period.

At the completion of a research project during the 2013-14 season, the players unanimously chose to dedicate some of this increase to initiatives that will help strengthen the game, and named this the Player Partnership Fund.

What has been the level of support provided, since the beginning of the program?

Since 2014, after an initial three-year commitment, the Program has supported Premier Cricket clubs to the tune of $5.7 million; and by the end of the Program (post the 2022-23 season), this will exceed $7 million.

When will the program conclude?

With the Player Partnership Fund set to exhaust, the ACA has decided to commit to the ACA Premier Cricket Program in its current format until the end of 2021-22. Beyond 2022-23, We are hoping to find a new revenue stream model to continue with this important connection for cricket clubs and past players.

How do I reconnect with a Premier Club if I have been out of the system for a number of years and/or how can clubs access past players outside their current network?

We encourage that ACA members and clubs reach out to each other directly, but if either a club or an ACA member needs assistance to engage in the program, please register your interest by contacting us and applying through the appropriate online forms.

Can ACA members engage across both the male and female premier cricket roles?

Yes, members can work across both roles however, no individual ACA member is able to access more than $7,500 of program funding.

Can multiple members be utilised within a club?

Yes, as long as the funding is used to engage an ACA members, clubs can split the funding between multiple members. For fully integrated clubs no individual ACA member is able to access more than $7,500 of program funding. It is important that ACA members involved are to engage in genuine ongoing season long commitments and not used as sporadic specialist coaches.

How do you apply for the ACA Premier Cricket Program?

Premier Cricket Clubs

It is the responsibility of Premier Cricket Club administrators to complete an application form once a working relationship with an ACA member has been discussed. This is still required for clubs who would like to continue a working relationship with their ACA Member from the 2020-21 season. this application process is also our way of maintaining up to date contact information.

Alternatively, if a Premier Cricket Club finds it difficult to establish a relationship with an ACA member, the club administrator can complete a Premier Cricket Vacancy Form which allows the club to identify the specific role they would like an ACA member to fill. This vacancy will then be published on our website and circulated to ACA Members.

ACA Members

ACA members must complete a member application form whether a relationship has already been discussed and established with a club or you are expressing your interest in the program. Members will need to sign in using their ACA Member login to gain access to this form.

When do applications need to be submitted?

First round Expressions of Interest and Application forms must be completed by 31 July 2021, however please submit applications as early as possible. This date is set to allow enough time for agreements to be formalised and ACA Members to make a significant contribution in the clubs pre-season.

What is the process once an application form or club vacancy form are submitted?

By completing a member registration form and indicating that you have not established a relationship with a club your details will be provided to clubs that are still looking for an ACA Member.

Similarly the details of Premier Clubs that complete an opportunity in your club form will be collected and provided on the website and circulated to ACA Members. It will be the clubs responsibility to establish a working relationship with an appropriate member once that connection is made.

What if I haven't renewed my ACA membership?

ACA Members wishing to apply will need to ensure they are current ACA Member for the 2021-22 season before the ACA can process their application. Contact us on 03 9698 7200 or email Megan Pauwels (

Do I need a Working with Children check/Police check?

It is a legal requirement in Australia for anyone working with children to undertake an authorised check. Participation in this Program will involve working with children. You will need to undertake a check and provide details to your club executives.

What are the reporting/administration expectations?

You will be expected to maintain regular contact with club executives and engage with High Performance staff and State Talent Managers to identify and monitor talent.

Clubs will need to provide the ACA with two (2) invoices: one at the start of the season coinciding with the start of the season and a second at the conclusion of the season.

Mid and post-season reporting will need to be completed by a club official and the ACA Member at the instruction of the ACA's Program Manager.

When will I receive payment and what are my obligations?

The fees are paid in two equal instalments to the club. One payment at the start of the season and a second payment will be paid at the conclusion of the season subject to the satisfactory completion of roles and reporting and the provision of valid tax invoices.

If the Club is required by law to make any superannuation contributions in respect of any amounts payable under this Contract, the Club will make these payments at the times and in the manner required by applicable legislation. You acknowledge and agree that these superannuation contributions form part of the Fees.

The Club will make payment of each instalment (excluding the superannuation component (if any) and net of any amounts which the Club is required by law to withhold) to the bank account nominated by the ACA Member.

If GST is payable by you on any Fees then, subject to the provision by you of a valid tax invoice for the amount of the GST, the Club will pay you the amount of the GST at the same time as it makes payment of the Fees.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for any tax, GST and other payments required to be made by you by law.

If I have any questions or would like further information on the Premier Cricket Program who do I contact?

Megan Pauwels
Manager Membership and Events
Phone: 0409 475 914

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